Blue Boat

Blue Boat through Europe

For many years, I´ve had Winslow Homer´s Blue Boat print hanging in choice position in my apartments and dorm rooms. It also hung above the fireplace in the den of a good family fríend´s house on Elmwood Avenue. Usually with a fire lit and an Eagles game on mute, the print crowned a room full of maps, adventure books, and stories waiting to be told for the proper moment.

This past winter, I was fortunate enough to see the original in the new America Wing at Boston´s Museum of Fine Arts. There it sits, unassuming amidst hundred of masterpieces more grand, but it still held my attention. I´m not a student of art history, and perhaps this work just dots a longer career of paintings better suited for calendars and postcards than commentary and lecture halls, but I can´t get enough of it. I bet these two boatsmen would´ve been pleased to join Zand and I on our upcoming trip…

One thought on “Blue Boat

  1. this is amazing, what an incredible adventure…can’t wait to read all about it. congrats.