Constantınople Consumptıon

Taking a walk around the streets of “Ol Constan” in search of Turkish culinary delight (Turkish Delight is not particularly delightful, in my opinion)

One thought on “Constantınople Consumptıon

  1. Waiting eagerly for news, adventures and history of Istanbul. What a way to celebrate 2011 and to conclude the year with this fantastic journey. How will you make 2012 even better? You could become a great tour guide, a famous historian, or gypsy nomad with all your talents and experiences.
    Home will be delightful for a while, but I bet that you have grown itchy feet, strong shoulders and calloused hands that will want to get moving again.
    All of us who have greatly enjoyed being arm chair tourist on your wild canoe trip will pine for more of your tales to deilght and excite us.
    Cheers and congratulations, Lorraine